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Paid search is one of the most effective search engine advertising models. Pay Per Click (PPC) can be the game-changer when SEO isn’t producing results. PPC uses optimized ads to drive relevant and targeted traffic to a website. You can use it effectively to draw qualified traffic and improve your conversion rates. First-page placement is almost certain with paid search, which means you can rest easy knowing each dollar spent will yield positive results.

Using highly targeted ads, our PPC experts can help get your message in front of your ideal customers who use Google, Bing, and other top search engines. We can help you choose the right keywords and create impactful ad copy that generates leads. Call us to schedule a free initial consultation with our search engine professionals.


Custom PPC Management Services

6iT Marketing provides a range of pay-per-click advertising services that enable small business owners like you to target their ideal customers effectively across major search engines, social media platforms, and websites. Advertisers pay for the keywords that they are targeting in their ad groups. Once we  set up your Google ads account, we can help you with the following:

Our PPC Services

Ad Copy Creation /Testing

We write ad copy that effectively targets your audience. By blending the right message with clickable CTAs, we deliver optimized online ads that give businesses maximum exposure and better conversions.

Keyword Research/Analysis

Targeting your audience starts with knowing what keywords and phrases match their search intent in the search engine. Our comprehensive keyword research uncovers all relevant keywords that span the full search landscape of niche-based businesses.

PPC Strategy/Execution

Every online advertising campaign is unique. What works for one business may not work for another. We craft and execute custom PPC strategies that align with your business goals and yield targeted results. As data comes in, we continue optimizing your PPC strategy.

Bid Management

Since the PPC landscape is dynamic, we continually monitor different aspects of PPC campaigns. We ensure every dollar spent on paid search outperforms your competitors on the search engine results page. Our bid-based model usually yields the best possible results.

PPC Tracking

Tracking your PPC marketing campaigns is the key to understanding consumer behavior and making informed decisions. We keep track of the keywords, ad copy, and ranking factors that influence the success of your PPC campaigns.

PPC Audits

We carry out in-depth audits of your PPC campaigns to find gaps and inefficiencies and opportunities to slash costs and improve conversions of your Google or Bing ads.

PPC Optimization

Your PPC campaign has areas for improvement. Our PPC experts use continuous optimization to refine text ad copy to improve your ad rank, achieve higher click-through rates, and lower cost-per-click on targeted keywords.

Custom Reporting

For each search campaign that we run, we produce detailed user reports that contain useful insights on ad conversion rates, best-performing keywords, and the overall performance of your PPC campaigns against key metrics.

Why Choose Us for PPC?

As a leading digital marketing firm, we bring years of PPC experience to your business. With a proven track record of driving conversions and reducing costs per lead, we are best placed to maximize the returns of your PPC campaigns.

Dedicated Account Manager

Each of our clients gets to work with a dedicated and Certified Google AdWords and BING expert who has hands-on experience driving qualified leads and optimizing campaigns for any budget.

Results-driven PPC Ads

Executing a PPC campaign is an endeavor that requires money and insight. Budgets need to be set, ads created, campaigns monitored, results measured accurately, and the ROI attained. That’s a tough balancing act that only a pro from 6iT Marketing can help you with. We focus on delivering results – exposure and conversions- and getting paid for what we achieve. With our performance-based model, you pay a fee only when a person clicks on ads and visits your website.

Trusted PPC Professionals

6iT Marketing is a reputable PPC advertisement agency with a proven track record in search engine marketing. We have a dedicated team of account managers with the technical, creative, and analytical skills required to create and execute highly-effective paid search campaigns. Whether you need assistance with keyword research, competitive research, ad copy creation, bid optimization, or PPC audits, rest assured our experts will create effective ads that will have an immediate impact on your campaigns. And as your exposure and conversions increase, we will help you sustain the momentum and results through organic search.

Effective Ad Targeting

Customers are as diverse as the products they’re searching for online. For your PPC campaigns to be effective, you need to understand the needs and mindset of visitors and target them with the right ads. Six iT Marketing has all the tools you require to segment, analyze, and target the right customers. In addition, we can help you craft bidding strategies that maximize conversions on Google and BING.

How We Approach PPC

A typical Google AdWords campaign starts with a thorough consultation with a talented PPC professional to understand your marketing goals and the challenges you’re facing. Once we know what you want to achieve, we embark on keyword research and analysis to generate keywords that prospects and target audiences frequently use when querying search engines for services or products in your niche. Based on these keywords, we then create compelling ads for your target audience in a given geographical market, locally and nationally.

Once your PPC campaigns get underway, we deploy real-time monitoring and internet marketing reporting tools that enable us to generate a detailed report on the performance of your PPC campaigns. You will be able to see “who, when, and how” consumers are finding and interacting with your business. As your PPC campaigns roll on, we watch your performance in SERPs and tweak your PPC campaign to generate quality traffic and convert better than your competition.

Want to Create Effective Google Ads? Contact a Top PPC Service like 6iT Marketing

If you want to jump over your competition or drive traffic to your new website, 6iT Marketing can help you with your PPC marketing. We’re familiar with this online advertising model and can help you craft bid-winning strategies that generate qualified leads and result in consistent sales. Call 719.659.0891 to request a free quote or schedule an appointment with our PPC experts.

In addition, we know how to plan and execute PPC ad strategies that increase your search visibility through Google Ads and bring solid returns on paid search activities.

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